Partner Notification – Alan


In-person Conversation with Alan

Listen to the Call

Jenny: “Anyone home?”

Mum: “Oh, hello.”

Jenny: “Hi, is Alan here?”

Mum: “What do you want him for?”

Jenny: “I’m just following up an appointment for him.”

Mum: “What appointment?”

Jenny: “Ah, it’s something I need to speak with Alan about first. Then, he can probably talk to you about it, if needs be.”

Mum: “Oh OK, I’ll just get him for you.”

Jenny: “Thanks.”

Alan: “Hello.”

Jenny: “Hi Alan. I’m Jenny a health care worker from the clinic.” [Jenny shows Alan her clinic ID.]. “Can I speak to you alone?”

Alan: “Yeah sure, just come through here.”

Jenny: “Alan, as I said, I work at the clinic. And part of my job is to follow up sexually transmitted infections. And you’ve been named as a contact for chlamydia; it’s a sexually transmitted infection.”

Alan: “Yeah, I know what it is.”

Jenny: “Oh ok, great. So as you know, you can actually have this infection and not know so sometimes the only way of knowing is to have a test done. Do you reckon you’ll be able to come into the clinic and get a test?”

Alan: “No nah nah, now is not a good time.”

Jenny: “I understand it’s a bit of a shock that I’ve come to your house and told you this. Errm…but the thing is like I said you can have it and not know. And if it’s left untreated, then that’s when it can cause problems. So it’s probably better…”

Alan: “Yeah ok ok, all right. Just ah give me a couple of minutes?”

Jenny: “Sure sure. But it’s your choice, ok; I’m not forcing you to come. It’s just probably better for you really. The sooner it’s tested, then the sooner you know, hm…?”

Alan: “mhm”

Jenny: “Ok, so I’ll just wait in the car for you, while you just get yourself sorted, if you like, and… But, just to warn you, your mum asked me what I wanted you for; I said it was for an appointment but I didn’t tell her what it was for.”

Alan: “Yeah, I know, it’s all right. I’ll talk to mum. Alright, I’ll just get my shoes.”

Jenny: “Ok, I’ll see you in the car.”

[Next, in the car]

Jenny: “Thanks for coming down to the clinic with us, Alan.”

Alan: “Yeah, ah, I think there’s been a mistake. Yeah, I’ve only ever been with my girlfriend.”

Jenny: “Have you ever had a check-up for sexually transmitted infections?”

Alan: “No.”

Jenny: “Have you ever had any other partners besides your girlfriend?”

Alan: “No, when I was with my girlfriend it was just my girlfriend.”

Jenny: “And, what about before her?”

Alan: “Yeah, there was a couple”

Jenny: “Yeah, so really, like with Chlamydia you can have it and not know, so it’s hard to know how long someone has had it for. So now it’s a good chance to get a check-up anyway, to be sure.”

Alan: “Yeah ok.”

Jenny: “All right? Great.”

Case Studies courtesy of WA Partner Notification eLearning module 

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